The KLC PRESS newsletter!

The KLC PRESS newsletter!

Hey friends!!

We HIGHLY SUGGEST you head over to KLC PRESS and sign up for the newsletter. Paid subscribers get discounted prices, access to EXCLUSIVE MERCH available to no one else plus early access to new product. Looking to save a few bucks? No problem, there's a free level too and you'll still get an early heads up on new merch drops here at the store. What else? Well, here's the whole sales pitch:


DONNY CATES (Thanos, Thor, Venom, God Country) and RYAN STEGMAN (Venom, Absolute Carnage, King in Black), along with Ethan S. Parker, and Griffin Sheridan behind the camera make up the powerhouse team behind KLC Press! This is their playground for developing creator owned comics, publishing, entertainment, and all sorts of products... unshackled from the confines of big corporations.

Expect news, interviews, podcasts, livestreams, merch, COMICS, behind the scenes antics and a ton of other random garbage from your favorite comic heroes. Subscribe to our monthly and annual tiers for more EXCLUSIVE material from the whole team (and a cast of thousands) for weeks and months to come as well as first dibs on exclusive product… don’t miss out! And even if you’re just visiting, you can get a free subscription and still receive our main newsletter right in your inbox! So go ahead and SUBSCRIBE NOW!

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